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Crossword on Plastic Pollution

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  • This interactive game is a great way for students to practice, use, and sharpen their vocabulary and spelling skills.
  • Students will get clues about plastic pollution and try to solve the puzzle.
Teaching Tips


  • This game is fun activity that students can complete independently or in groups.
  • The clues provide enough context and a helpful picture that will enable students of various levels and abilities to be successful. 

Additional Prerequisites

  • Students should understand how to complete a crossword puzzle. 
  • This activity requires an Internet connection.


  • To make it harder, try projecting the game for the entire class and cover some of the hints or the picture.
  • To make it easier, you could add in a couple more letters and then project it for the class to work on together.
  • This resource would make a great activity after learning or reading about plastic pollution, so students can practice what they have learned. 
  • This would be a fun competition for competitive students to see who can complete the puzzle successfully and the fastest. 
  • This can be used as a time-filler, bell-ringer, "do now," or exit-ticket for almost any class.
Scientist Notes
The crossword has students fit in appropriate words to answer a set of questions on plastic, waste, recycling, and pollution. The resource is recommended for classroom use.
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