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Earth Warriors




Science, English Language Arts, Visual and Performing Arts

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Earth Warriors Free Pilot Lessons: Ages 3-5

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  • This resource provides three age-appropriate lesson plans from the Earth Warriors curriculum.
  • In Lesson 1, students learn about the Earth Warriors community and use natural materials to create their own artwork.
  • In Lesson 2, students learn about polar habitats and the animals that live there.
  • In Lesson 3, students investigate melting ice. 
Teaching Tips


  • Very young students can learn about the climate in an age-appropriate way.
  • The additional activities and resources for each lesson provide a wealth of ideas for extension activities, including templates for coloring pages and an Earth Warriors theme song with accompanying dance moves.

Additional Prerequisites

  • Teachers will need a projector or screen to display the presentation slides and videos, unless they are assigned for computer use.
  • Other materials needed include ice blocks and muffin trays for freezing ice, small animal figurines, flour, baby oil, salt, printed Earth Warriors badges and animal sorting cards, and natural materials.


  • These lessons are appropriate for Kindergarten or Preschool students as young as 3 years old.
  • A version of these lessons recommended for students aged 5-8 is available here.
Scientist Notes
This resource features three elementary lessons for students to explore the impact of global warming on the climate system, ecological habitats, and the ocean. The activities embeded in the lessons would build students' capacity and confidence to engage in environmental sustainability and climate action in their community. This resource is ideal for teaching.

This resource addresses the listed standards. To fully meet standards, search for more related resources.

  • Visual & Performing Arts
    • Visual Arts: Standard 1 - Generating and conceptualizing ideas.
      • 1.5.2.Cr1a: Engage in individual and collaborative exploration of materials and ideas through multiple approaches, from imaginative play to brainstorming, to solve art and design problems.
    • Visual Arts: Standard 2 - Organizing and developing ideas.
      • 1.5.2.Cr2c: Create art that represents natural and constructed environments. Identify and classify uses of everyday objects through drawings, diagrams, sculptures or other visual means including repurposing objects to make something new.
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