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6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


Social Studies, Civics, Career Skills

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  • Articles and Websites

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North America, United States, USA - Northeast, New York, New York City



Green Jobs in the Field: Mark Chambers

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  • In this article, Mark Chambers describes his job as the Director of NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability, explaining how his background in architecture helps him be a problem-solver and systems-thinker.
  • Chambers discusses two climate change issues of importance to him: green buildings and plastic pollution.
Teaching Tips


  • Mark Chambers shares some inspirational advice for young people working in climate change policy, urging them not to wait for permission to take action.
  • He provides a hopeful message emphasizing our boundless opportunities to address climate change.

Additional Prerequisites

  • There are some terms in the article that teachers may need to introduce students to before reading, such as sustainability, zero waste policy, green buildings, and environmental justice.
  • Students should understand the causes and impacts of climate change.
  • It may benefit students to have a brief overview of architecture and what an architect does.


  • Students can research more about plastic pollution in the oceans and public policy efforts to address this.
  • Chambers touches on inequity and environmental justice that students can explore further, such as the disproportionate impact of plastic pollution on coastal fishing communities.
  • Chambers describes New York City as a leader in climate change policy. Students can research actions this city is taking to address climate change and if living outside of New York City, identify strategies that could be applicable in their city.
Scientist Notes
This resource highlights a career in climate science. It does not have any specific science to review, but regardless, is a good resource for students.

This resource addresses the listed standards. To fully meet standards, search for more related resources.

  • Social Studies
    • U.S. History: America in the World - Geography, People, and the Environment
      • 6.1.12.GeoHE.14.a: Evaluate the impact of individual, business, and government decisions and actions on the environment and climate change and assess the efficacy of government policies and agencies in New Jersey and the United States in addressing these decisions.
  • Career Readiness, Life Literacies, & Key Skills
    • Career Awareness, Exploration, Preparation, and Training
      • 9.2.8.CAP.11: Analyze potential career opportunities by considering different types of resources, including occupation databases, and state and national labor market statistics.
  • English Language Arts
    • Reading: Informational Text (K-12)
      • RI.CR.8.1 Cite a range of textual evidence and make clear and relevant connections (including informational text features such as charts, graphs, and diagrams) that strongly support an analysis of multiple aspects of what an informational text says explicitly, as well as inferences drawn from the text.
      • RI.PP.9–10.5 Determine an author’s purpose in a text (including cultural experience and knowledge reflected in text originating outside the United States) and analyze how an author uses rhetorical devices to advance that purpose.
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