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9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, AP® / College


Science, Biology, Earth and Space Sciences

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  • Videos, 6 minutes, 25 seconds, CC, Subtitles
  • Worksheets

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North America, United States



Interactive Case Study for "The Effects of Fungicides on Bumble Bee Colonies"

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  • In this video, entomologist Shawn Steffan investigates the effects of fungicide applications on bee colonies.
  • The video is embedded with questions that challenge students to make predictions, develop explanations, and analyze data.
Teaching Tips


  • Students can complete the activity individually, in pairs, in groups, or as a class.
  • At the end of the video, students' answers to the video questions will be automatically compiled into a report which can be printed.

Additional Prerequisites

  • The video requires access to the internet.
  • The lesson can be completed in one class period.
  • At different times, the video will pause, and students will be prompted to answer a question. The video will not continue until they have saved their response.
  • Before watching the video, students should have a general understanding of pollination and the importance of pollinators.


  • This resource can be used in history classes during lessons about the effects of the Green Revolution.
  • To watch the video as a class, it is recommended that teachers use the "Presentation Mode" setting, which does not include the embedded breaks for questions. Teachers can then download and print out the PDF worksheet with the question for each student.
  • For more advanced classes, students can also be directed to the primary literature in the details section.
Scientist Notes
This website provides a brief description of how fungicides could be harming bumble bee colonies. An interactive video along with the embedded questions are included, along with the student learning objectives. The learning standards along with a suggested estimated length of time to complete the assignment are provided for teachers. This resource is recommended for teaching.

This resource addresses the listed standards. To fully meet standards, search for more related resources.

  • Science
    • LS2: Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics
      • HS-LS2-2. Use mathematical representations to support and revise explanations based on evidence about factors affecting biodiversity and populations in ecosystems of different scales.
    • LS4: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity
      • HS-LS4-5. Evaluate the evidence supporting claims that changes in environmental conditions may result in (1) increases in the number of individuals of some species, (2) the emergence of new species over time, and (3) the extinction of other species.
  • Mathematics
    • Statistics & Probability: Making Inferences & Justifying Conclusions (9-12)
      • HSS.IC.B.5(+) Use data from a randomized experiment to compare two treatments; use simulations to decide if differences between parameters are significant.
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