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Snowman Game

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  • This game is a take on hangman, where students guess a word associated with greenhouse gases and each wrong guess melts the snowman.
  • The snowmen artwork were created by students and the image changes with each wrong guess.
  • Students can choose from three levels of difficulty and try to complete the word or phrase before their snowman melts.
Teaching Tips


  • This game is engaging and appropriate for students at a variety of levels and abilities. 
  • Students can choose their snowman avatar and difficulty level, then practice their domain-specific vocabulary.

Additional Prerequisites

  • Students should have a basic understanding of greenhouse gases and climate change.


  • This game would be a good fill-in activity in science classes discussing greenhouse gasses and their effects, or in language arts classes working on their non-fiction vocabulary acquisition. 
  • This game would be a fun "do now" activity for students at the start of a class to warm them up for learning about greenhouse gases or climate change. 
  • For whole-class engagement, try playing this game in a tournament setting.
Scientist Notes
This hangman style game is a fun activity to supplement a lesson on greenhouse gasses, climate change, green energy, or similar topics. Clicking on any of the snowman starts the game, they are just different styles of the snowman. Students can choose from four different categories of words, sources of greenhouse gasses, impacts of climate change, climate solutions for your family, and clean energy technologies. There is an easy, medium, and hard mode of the game. The difference is simply the number of letters a student can guess wrong. There is no word bank for the game so students should be familiar with some vocabulary before playing. This game is recommended for teaching.

This resource addresses the listed standards. To fully meet standards, search for more related resources.

  • Science
    • ESS3: Earth and Human Activity
      • MS-ESS3-4. Construct an argument supported by evidence for how increases in human population and per-capita consumption of natural resources impact Earth’s systems.
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