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Green Ninja


6th, 7th, 8th


Science, Physics, Engineering

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Toaster Coaster

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  • This short animated video celebrates National Toast Day by showing how different household items, such as toasters, can be powered by pedaling a bicycle generator.
  • The video follows the story of seven students who figure out how to convert mechanical energy into electricity.
Teaching Tips


  • This video provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the concept of energy transfer.
  • Students are introduced to a small-scale form of clean energy.

Additional Prerequisites

  • Students should be familiar with terms like energy, power, and electricity.


  • Towards the beginning of the video, some complex terms like "inverters" and "arrays" are used, which you may want to define for students or have them research prior to the video.
  • Challenge older students to identify the form of energy transfer demonstrated in the video.
  • As a follow-up activity, have students brainstorm other ways of powering the toaster and identify the form of energy transfer from their idea.
  • Use this interactive web application to learn more about where energy comes from and generating electricity.
Scientist Notes
This video centers around a group of friends, along with the Green Ninja, investigating alternative sources of energy. This video would make a great addition to a classroom discussing climate change and the use of alternative energy to help reduce greenhouse gases.

This resource addresses the listed standards. To fully meet standards, search for more related resources.

  • English Language Arts
    • Speaking & Listening (K-12)
      • SL.7.2 Analyze the main ideas and supporting details presented in diverse media and formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively, orally) and explain how the ideas clarify a topic, text, or issue under study.
  • Science
    • ETS1: Engineering Design
      • MS-ETS1-2. Evaluate competing design solutions using a systematic process to determine how well they meet the criteria and constraints of the problem.
    • PS3: Energy
      • MS-PS3-5. Construct, use, and present arguments to support the claim that when the kinetic energy of an object changes, energy is transferred to or from the object.
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