Our Resource Review Process


Step 1: Identify content providers

We identify engaging and interesting resources on climate change related topics from various content providers through research and recommendations.


Step 2: Review credibility of content providers 

Our scientist will conduct a credibility review on the relevance, quality, conflict of interest, keywords and data accuracy of the identified content providers through a randomized sample.


Step 3: Select resources and review credibility of those resources

We select resources from the content providers who have passed the credibility review. Our scientist will conduct a credibility review for each of the resources that we want to include in the SubjectToClimate database. 


Step 4: Process resources

For the resources that have passed the credibility review, our scientist will add scientist notes. Our Teacher Taskforce will write a synopsis, add teaching tips, identify aligned standards, and tag basic information and keywords for the resources.

Our Teacher Taskforce also develops lesson plans to showcase how to incorporate the resources in the classroom. 


Step 5: Ensure quality assurance

Our content management directors will review all the processes and provide quality assurance before the resources are published on the SubjectToClimate online platform.


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