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3rd, 4th, 5th


Science, Social Studies, Civics, Justice, Health

Regional Focus

North America, United States


YouTube Video

"Why Is Coco Orange?" [Video]



  • This is an animated read aloud of the story Why Is Coco Orange? 
  • The story is about a chameleon with asthma who learns about the EPA's Air Quality Index. He also learns about ways he and his friends can stay safe when there is poor air quality. 


  • This video helps young children understand the implications of air pollution.
  • The story is accompanied by captivating and colorful pictures.

Additional Prerequisites

  • Assumes prior fundamental knowledge of air pollution.


  • Challenge the students to identify some environmental asthma triggers commonly found on school premises and suggest possible solutions.
  • Students can read a digital version of this book here.

The video outlines how to stay healthy even when air quality is polluted. This story will enlighten students to take collective actions in reducing air pollution. The air quality chart is also appropriate for students to practice. This is recommended for teaching.

This resource addresses the listed standards. To fully meet standards, search for more related resources.

  • Comprehensive Health & Physical Education
    • Personal and Mental Health
      • 2.1.5.PGD.1: Identify effective personal health strategies and behaviors that reduce illness, prevent injuries, and maintain or enhance one’s wellness (e.g., adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, ergonomics, regular physical activity).
      • 2.1.5.CHSS.2: Describe how business, non-profit organizations, and individuals can work cooperatively to address health problems that are affected by global issues, including climate change.
    • Safety
      • 2.3.5.HCDM.1: Identify conditions that may keep the human body from working properly, and the ways in which the body responds.
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