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New Jersey Climate Change
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The resources you and your school need to effectively teach climate change.

These comprehensive resources are built around the official NJ Student Learning Standards and expand on the work of the New Jersey Department of Education.

Teaching Resources

Search our database by keywords, resource type, grade level, subject, NJ Student Learning Standards, and more. All resources have been reviewed by a scientist and teacher team.


The Effects of Climate Change

This resource provides data, interactive media, animated models, and graphs that detail what the effects of climate...


CO2 in the Ice Core Record

In this video, geologist Richard Alley visits the National Ice Core Lab to explain how scientists use ancient ice c...


Earth's Original Inhabitants - and Their Role in Combating Climate Change

In this video, Steven Allison describes the fascinating abilities of microbes to help plants survive, recycle waste...

Khan Academy

Impacts of Agricultural Practices

This video about the environmental impacts of industrial farming practices includes information about tilling, slas...

The Kid Should See This

Cook Food Using the Sun's Heat: Build a Solar Oven

This resource highlights the value and simplicity of energy from the Sun, as they watch a man construct a solar ove...


Earth's Energy Resources: Oil Energy

This 26-page digital book by Epic explains everything about oil energy. 

Jill Pelto Gallery


This artist, Jill Pelto, incorporates graphs into visual art by using the graphs to mimic the natural features that...


Air Strips Lesson Plan

In this activity-based lesson plan, students will make air strips to collect particulate matter samples in location...


When Will the Next Ice Age Happen?

This animated video explains Earth's climate history and the variation in climate that has occurred over time. Stud...


Data Snapshots Maps

This NOAA site provides downloadable map images of annual global temperatures (as a departure from a 40-year averag...

Professional Learning

Find the right professional learning opportunity for you or your school, whether it is support for curriculum development or foundational knowledge about climate change.

Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Extreme Weather

This four-week program is designed to enhance K-12 science teachers’ understanding of the factors that contribute t...

American Museum of Natural History

Climate Change and New Jersey

This four-part, self-paced, interactive course provides information about the climate system and climate change in...

STEM Teaching Tools

Climate Learning Resources

This page features many resources on many different topics. These resources are divided into six sections: STEM Tea...


Controversy in the Classroom: Strategies for Managing Climate Change Discourse

This article provides techniques for educators to address climate change in the classroom while encouraging open co...


Teaching Energy

This Teaching Energy guide is designed to help middle and high school science teachers incorporate energy topics in...


Developing ESIs for Use in Your Classroom

This guide provides teachers with potential learning paths known as Earth Systems Investigations (ESIs) to augment...

MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

Climate Science, Risk & Solutions: Climate Knowledge for Everyone

This engaging interactive course outlines the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change. It confronts the st...

Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Climate Justice

This four-week course allows K-12 educators to explore the important topics of climate change and environmental jus...

Shelburne Farms

Local Action, Global Impact: The Sustainable Development Goals in My Neighborhood

This course will empower teachers to teach about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Participants will learn abou...

New Jersey Audubon

Curriculum Development by Grade Band (K-2, 3-5, MS, HS) [Online]

Curriculum supervisors and/or teachers will explore the interdisciplinary NJSLS that specifically reference climate...