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The resources you and your school need to effectively teach climate change and implement the Climate Change Education Student Learning Standards from the New Jersey Department of Education.

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Teaching Resources

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Citizens' Climate Education

Big Climate Problems Require Even Bigger Global Solutions

This podcast is a collection of short NPR style interviews that could each be used on their own. Together they...

Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Engine Timelapse

This interactive resource lets students explore changes to land, water, or ice in 18 different locations around the...


Uptake of Carbon Dioxide from Water by Plants

This resource details two simple experiments/demonstrations that show the role of plants in mitigating the acidific...

Our World in Data

The Share of Nuclear and Renewables in Total Electricity Production

This resource includes an interactive line chart that compares the ratio of nuclear sources and renewable sources i...


Because IPCC! [Video]

This video presents a read-aloud of a graphic novel, which tells the history of the Intergovernmental Panel on Clim...


Why You're Recycling Wrong

This Vox video explores how difficult it is for people to decide what to recycle and what not to recycle. It shows...


The Big Picture | Our Climate Our Future, Chapter 7

This animated video depicts a fictional situation, in which aliens observe that humans caused Earth's climate crisi...

Project Drawdown

Reduced Food Waste

This brief article by Project Drawdown provides students with a summary of the food waste problem, data on the pote...

Crash Course

The Anthropocene and the Near Future

This Crash Course video describes how drastically things have changed on Earth over the last 100 years, the complic...


Geoengineering, Explained

This video from Grist explains geoengineering, specifically solar geoengineering, and uses metaphors and visual rep...

Professional Learning

Find the right professional learning opportunity for you or your school, whether it is support for curriculum development or foundational knowledge about climate change.


Virtual Resources for Teachers

This guide is designed to help K-12 science teachers find resources for their virtual classrooms. Searching the CLE...

American Museum of Natural History

From Melting Ice Sheets to Sea Level Rise in New Jersey

New Jersey has 130 miles of coast, all of which are vulnerable to sea level rise, an impact of climate change. Come...


Create Your Own Climate and Energy Units

This guide provides details on creating NGSS-aligned lessons using CLEAN resources. The CLEAN collection is a peer-...

Teacher's Climate Guide

Climate Change and Geography

This educational guide is designed to help geography teachers incorporate climate topics into their classrooms. Cli...

Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation

Engaging Students in Civic Science and Action

Scholarships are available for NJ teachers to participate in the program at no cost (Select "CELF Scholarship" in t...


Teaching Energy (Spanish)

This Teaching Energy (Spanish Translation) guide is designed to help middle and high school teachers incorporate en...


Controversy in the Classroom: Strategies for Managing Climate Change Discourse

This guide aims to help teachers navigate the controversial aspects of climate change, and offers concrete suggesti...

STEM Teaching Tools

Climate Learning Resources

Justice-centered climate change learning is complex, but urgent. To support educators to build capacity for this wo...

Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Extreme Weather

This four-week course provides K-12 science teachers with an opportunity to explore the driving forces behind extre...

Rutgers School of Public Health and NJ Safe Schools Program

Introduction to Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events, Sustainability and Environmental Justice for HS Students (and Supervising Teachers) in Career-Technical Education in NJ

Please email the New Jersey Safe Schools Program (NJSS) team at to be enrolled in...