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New Jersey Climate Change
Education Hub

The resources you and your school need to effectively teach climate change.

These comprehensive resources are built around the official NJ Student Learning Standards and expand on the work of the New Jersey Department of Education.

Teaching Resources

Search our database by keywords, resource type, grade level, subject, NJ Student Learning Standards, and more. All resources have been reviewed by a scientist and teacher team.

Water Footprint Calculator

Water Resources and Water Footprints

This downloadable presentation is a great introduction to the topic of water resources, as it details the distribution of...

Added: 11/28/22

Water Footprint Calculator

The Water Footprint of Food Guide

This interactive database provides detailed information and images about the water usage needed to grow and produce one servi...

Added: 11/28/22

Water Footprint Calculator

Water Footprint Calculator

This interactive water footprint calculator asks a series of questions in order to calculate an estimated water footprint.Students w...

Added: 11/28/22


The Dirt on Factory Farms

This short, animated video introduces students to the environmental, health, and moral implications of farming animals in a factory-l...

Added: 11/26/22


Let's Talk About It Coloring Pages

These coloring pages focus on allowing students to reduce their stress or anxiety and express their feelings about climate c...

Added: 11/18/22


Sound the Alarm — Declaring a Climate Emergency

In this lesson, students will consider how climate emergencies are created, how they can be a governmental poli...

Added: 11/22/22

Project Drawdown

Walkable Cities

This resource details the benefits, potential financial and economic outcomes, and hurdles of increasing the number of walkable cities worldwid...

Added: 11/21/22

Project Drawdown

Seaweed Farming

This article assesses seaweed farming as a climate solution and reports that increasing the amount of seaweed in the ocean could be an effectiv...

Added: 12/05/22


The Climate Emergency

This short animated video discusses the severity and urgency of climate change and highlights actions people can take to address climate...

Added: 11/30/22


Are Women the Climate Change Solution We're Looking For?

This short video highlights the vulnerability of women to climate change and the critical role they pl...

Added: 12/03/22

Professional Learning

Find the right professional learning opportunity for you or your school, whether it is support for curriculum development or foundational knowledge about climate change.

Climate Generation

#TeachClimateChat: Overcoming Barriers to Teach Climate Change in the Classroom

This session on Twitter will feature Neotha Williams (@MsWi...

Format: Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: December 15, 1:00pm CST
Green Ninja

Implementing New Jersey's Climate Change Education Initiative

Green Ninja is offering specialized teacher training to prepare all New Jerse...

Format: In Person, Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: November 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023
Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Extreme Weather

This four-week program is designed to enhance K-12 science teachers’ understanding of the factors that contribute...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
Date(s) Offered: January 23 - March 3 2023, April 3 - April 28, 2023, June 12 - July 7, 2023
Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Climate Change Essentials

This six-week professional development program is a comprehensive online course supplying teachers with...

Format: Online: Asynchronous, Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: January 17 - February 24 2023; March 20 - April 28 2023; June 5 - July 14 2023
Earth Warriors

Earth Warriors Climate Education Continuing Professional Development

This professional development package will help teachers teach about c...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Teaching Energy

This guide is designed to help middle and high school science teachers incorporate energy topics into their classrooms. Ene...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Controversy in the Classroom: Strategies for Managing Climate Change Discourse

This article provides techniques for educators to address cl...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

New Jersey State Climate Summary

This guide provides a climate summary for the state of New Jersey, allowing teachers, curriculum specialis...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

NJ Climate Change Education Hub Presentation

This webinar features a walkthrough of the New Jersey Climate Change Education Hub and testimo...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Toolbox for Teaching Climate and Energy

This website features many resources to equip teachers to teach about climate and energy. The site...

Format: Online: Asynchronous