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The New Jersey Climate Change Education Initiative was formed to ensure all NJ public school teachers are prepared to integrate climate change across all grade levels and content areas based on the official New Jersey Climate Change Education Student Learning Standards. This initiative will act according to the recommendations outlined by the New Jersey Thought Leadership Committee and support the existing resources provided by the New Jersey Department of Education.

A timeline of events. June 2020: Announcement. March 2021: Committee Formation. February 2022, Initiative Formation. March 2022, Budget and Office Formation. June 2022, Platform Launch.
  • Supporting NJ DOE’s Climate Change Education Student Learning Standards

    In June 2020, New Jersey became the first state in the U.S. to incorporate K-12 climate change education across content areas when the State Board of Education adopted the 2020 New Jersey Student Learning Standards. New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy was a strong supporter of this initiative and praised the State Board for its action.

    “The adoption of these standards is much more than an added educational requirement; it is a symbol of a partnership between generations,” - First Lady Tammy Murphy.

    In response to the state’s ambitious and forward-thinking action to address climate change through teaching and learning, the Climate Change Education Thought Leader Committee was convened to determine an appropriate plan for implementing these standards statewide. The resulting recommendation report guides the New Jersey Climate Change Initiative’s strategy. In addition, this initiative also supports the resources and guidance provided by the New Jersey Department of Education.

  • Our Resource
    Selection Criteria

    • All our resources are aligned to New Jersey Student Learning Standards
    • Our resources are vetted by a scientist and teacher review team. A rubric revision focus group, consisting of educators and leaders in New Jersey, was convened in Jan 2022 to finalize the resource selection rubric utilized to vet all resources in the database.
    • In addition, a lesson plan rubric was also developed. Dr. Lauren Madden from The College of New Jersey also conducted an inter-reliability study to validate the rubric.
  • Our Impact

    After one semester of integrating climate change education standards into state curricula, New Jersey educators still lacked sufficient professional development resources and faced uncertainty when teaching climate change in subjects other than science. However, educators who used the New Jersey Climate Education Hub reported higher levels of confidence in their preparedness to implement the new standards and were more familiar with the resources available to them.

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    Discover through our "NJ Implementation Paper"

Supporting Organizations

National Wildlife Federation

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation is America's largest and most trusted conservation organization, that works across the country to unite Americans from all walks of life in giving wildlife a voice. since 1936, they have fought for the conservation values that are woven into the fabric of America’s collective heritage.

New Jersey Audubon

New Jersey Audubon

New Jersey Audubon is a privately supported, not-for profit, statewide membership organization. Founded in 1897, and one of the oldest independent Audubon societies. New Jersey Audubon is committed to connecting all people with nature and stewarding the nature of today for all people of tomorrow.

New Jersey School Boards Association

New Jersey School Boards Association

The New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) is a non-partisan, state-created federation of boards of education founded in 1914. It provides mandated governance training to the board of education members representing 580 public school districts and the trustees representing the majority of the state’s charter schools.



SubjectToClimateTM is an online connector for K-12 teachers of all subjects to find credible, unbiased, and engaging materials on climate change. Their goal is to enhance climate knowledge and inspire action by making climate change teaching and learning accessible to all.

Sustainable Jersey

Sustainable Jersey

Sustainable Jersey is a network and movement of municipalities, schools and school districts working collectively to bring about a sustainable New Jersey. Acting with state agencies, non-profit organizations, foundations, academia and industry, Sustainable Jersey researches best practices for what communities could and should do to contribute to a sustainable future.

The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is a highly selective institution that is consistently recognized as one of the top comprehensive colleges in the nation. They include a personalized, collaborative, and rigorous education; undergraduate research, mentored internships, and field experiences; community engaged learning; global engagement; and leadership development.

New Jersey State Lead

Elaine Makarevich

Elaine Makarevich

Elaine is a New Jersey educator with 30 years of teaching experience in grades K-6. The earth and the natural world have always been a focus of her life and throughout her career as her students learned critical lessons about their planet when visiting her indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Media & Press

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In one state, every class teaches climate change — even P.E.

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Addressing climate anxiety in New Jersey

Scripps National News has Margaret Wang and Lauren Madden, Ph. D. show how the New Jersey Climate Change Education Hub is addressing climate anxiety through education.

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NJ Advance Media reports on what it will take to successfully implement the New Jersey Climate Change Education Standards in schools, and what is already being done.

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Rethink Outside publishes a case study showcasing the efforts the New Jersey Climate Change Education Initiative in expanding climate change education in New Jersey.

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The New Jersey School Boards Association discusses the New Jersey Climate Change Education Initiative's response to the growing need for climate change education resources.

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