2024 Earth Day Activity Guide for 6-8

2024 Earth Day Activity Guide for 6-8
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Explore our guide with an Earth Day Theme, tailored for teachers with middle school students (6-8 grade), brimming with Earth Day lessons, hands-on activities, printable worksheets, Earth Day crafts, and interactive games. Ignite a desire for environmental protection in your students and cultivate a passion for preserving our planet Earth. Let the journey to eco-conscious minds begin!

Just Print and Go!

Support classroom learning with vocabulary cards, writing prompts, and art activities. Invite students to use new vocabulary when responding to a writing prompt as part of bell work or create a piece of art to celebrate the day.

Earth Day 6-8 Activities

Lessons by Teachers, for Teachers

Looking for lessons to teach on Earth Day? Explore climate data, identify environmental issues, and brainstorm solutions in these lessons written by educators Dan Castrigano and Ben Charles. 

Dan Castrigano

Meet The Teacher Who Created: Earth’s Vital Signs: An Exploration

Dan Castrigano taught STEM and humanities at elementary, middle, and high schools for 11 years.

Earth’s Vital Signs: An Exploration
Ben Charles

Meet The Teacher Who Created: Solving Problems

Ben Charles has been a teacher for over nine years and is a Middle School Grade Band Coordinator.

Solving Problems

Engaging Games, Projects, and Classroom Activities

Increase student engagement through these thought-provoking and challenging resources. Students can take a quiz to see how much they know about plastic, calculate carbon footprint, role-play as a carbon molecule, or even watch a video about climate change. 

Carbon Runner

This online game is a fun way to test students' knowledge on various climate causes and solutions.

Carbon Runner
Plastics & Human Health Quiz
The Carbon Cycle Activity
Earth Day 1970-2022: What has changed?

Take Action for Earth Month

Celebrate Earth Month by taking one action a day! Explore a calendar full of resources chosen for each day of Earth Month. Whether you are looking to teach a whole lesson or simply share a video with your students, you can find what you are looking for here!

Earth Month Calendar

Next Steps

May these resources enrich your Earth Day curriculum and inspire a commitment to environmental stewardship in your students. Incorporate engaging activities promoting sustainability, like composting, recycling bins, and nature walks in the local park. Foster creativity with a DIY bird feeder art project using recycled materials. Integrate science experiments in science lessons to explore biodiversity. Implement English Language Arts (ELA) lessons with templates addressing issues like oil spills and food waste. 

Nurture a generation that cares deeply for the well-being of our planet’s ecosystems. Happy Teaching!

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