Free Math Resources for Teachers 3-5

Free Math Resources for Teachers 3-5
Free Math Resources for Teachers 3-5 - Preview

This comprehensive guide for math teachers teaching 3rd-grade to 5th-grade students places a significant focus on mathematics education while seamlessly weaving in environmental awareness. Make your job easier by integrating meticulously designed unit plans, engaging lesson plans, thought-provoking activities, and tailored worksheets into your existing curriculum. These high-quality free resources empower educators to integrate essential math skills using math concepts, math games, math activities, and math practice while nurturing responsible global citizens.

Unit Plans

Explore unit plans focused on data collection, representation, and analysis. These units were created by educators Ashley Nelson and Lindsey Pockl. 

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Data Review and Action Plan

Analyze data, create line graphs, and conduct research to plan an art project! Click on the profile photo to learn more about educator and creator Lindsey Pockl.

Data Review and Action Plan Lesson
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How Can We Conserve Energy?

Record data to create a bar graph in this free lesson by elementary teachers Ashley Nelson and Lindsey Pockl. Click on the profile photo to learn more about educator and creator Ashley Nelson.

How Can We Conserve Energy?

Lessons by Teachers, for Teachers

Get ready for an exhilarating educational adventure! These lessons dive into weather, climate, single-use plastics, and carbon footprints while strengthening skills such as multiplication, problem-solving, and data collection.

What Do These Numbers Mean?

Learn about different types of graphs and practice using graphs to represent data. Meet the teachers who created this lesson plan: Emily TownsendSheena Carmela Juliano,Ember Brock.

What Do These Numbers Mean?
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Solutions to Multiplying Plastic

Use multiplication to understand the problem of single-use plastics. Click on the profile photo to learn more about educator and creator Christa Delaney.

Solutions to Multiplying Plastic
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Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

Teach students to calculate their carbon footprint. Click on the profile photo to learn more about educator and creator Kelly Stone.

Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

Engaging Games & Activities

Engage in interactive math learning through activities that explore a variety of mathematical competencies, including addition, subtraction, fractions and decimals, and environmental math topics.


This game will allow learners to observe how the starting population size of trees in a forest and the rate of deforestation affect forests over time. Students will complete the game, record the changes on the printable worksheet, and graph the data.

Amazing Expanding Ice

This experiment demonstrates that as water changes from liquid to solid, its density decreases by comparing the level of water in a cup before and after freezing.

Amazing Expanding Ice Activities

Just Print & Go

Do you need a resource to help your students practice operational skills such as multiplication and division? Check out these ready-to-use worksheets and make your life a whole lot easier!

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Count the Trees
Colour Earthly by Number

Next Steps

This Common Core Standards-aligned step-by-step guide intertwines mathematics and environmental awareness, igniting young minds with a passion for both numbers and the planet, paving the way for a more enlightened and sustainable future. Explore our website for more free teaching resources, including professional development opportunities and adaptive learning resources that cater to different grade levels, skill levels, and learning styles.

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