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New Jersey Climate Change
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The resources you and your school need to effectively teach climate change.

These comprehensive resources are built around the official NJ Student Learning Standards and expand on the work of the New Jersey Department of Education.

Teaching Resources

Search our database by keywords, resource type, grade level, subject, NJ Student Learning Standards, and more. All resources have been reviewed by a scientist and teacher team.

National Audubon Society

Guide to Birds in New England

This interactive and artistic collection of birds found in New England provides an illustration of each bird, a bird song recordi...

Added: 08/11/23


I Live in the Eastern US—Does Climate Change Matter to Me?

This video describes some of the changes occurring in the Eastern United States due to climate chang...

Added: 06/30/23

Rutgers University

Climate Dashboard

This interactive resource allows students to explore graphs and maps of New Jersey's historical and projected weather conditions, from 2000 t...

Added: 03/09/23

Columbia Climate School International Research Institute for Climate and Society

Disastrous Decision Making

This resource has students act as mayor, social advisor, and science advisor in a town that is vulnerable to flooding.

Added: 11/07/22

National Audubon Society

Bird Migration Explorer

This interactive resource contains a wealth of information about the migration patterns, species, and conservation challenges of birds...

Added: 11/17/22

National Integrated Heat Health Information System

The Climate Explorer

This interactive tool displays a wide array of temperature, precipitation, tidal flooding, and extreme weather data from across the United...

Added: 09/20/22

Climate Xchange

State Climate Policy Tracker

This interactive map of the United States displays detailed information about the climate policies in each state, the makeup of th...

Added: 08/22/22

Rutgers University

State of the Climate: New Jersey 2021 [Infographic]

This infographic highlights some of the most alarming climate trends in the state of New Jersey.

Added: 08/10/22

Rutgers University

State of the Climate: New Jersey 2021 [Report]

This detailed report explains the effects of climate change on New Jersey, such as changes in weather patterns,...

Added: 08/10/22

University of Richmond

Mapping Inequality

This interactive map shows historical data, maps, and remarks around redlining practices in 1940s America.

Added: 08/05/22

Professional Learning

Find the right professional learning opportunity for you or your school, whether it is support for curriculum development or foundational knowledge about climate change.

Center for Sustainable Futures at Teachers College, Columbia University

Who Is Responsible? A Critical Look at Curricular Materials in Climate Change Education

In this webinar, teachers will learn about how to c...

Format: Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: September 27, 9:00am EST
Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education

7th Annual Autumn Outdoor Conference: Together We Thrive

This conference for formal and non-formal environmental educators includes breakfa...

Format: In Person
Date(s) Offered: September 29, 8:30am EST

New Jersey State Climate Summary

This guide provides a climate summary for the state of New Jersey, allowing teachers, curriculum specialis...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Create Your Own Climate and Energy Units

This step-by-step guide provides a framework for utilizing CLEAN resources to develop NGSS-aligned...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
This Is Planet Ed

Local K-12 Climate Action Plan: Key Questions to Get Started

This 6-page guide features a list of questions to help school administrators a...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
Earth Rangers

From Eco-Anxiety to Eco-Action: Educator Strategies to Support Students

The goal of this course is to help educators develop tools and tact...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
Date(s) Offered: November 6 - December 8, 2023; January 22 - February 5, 2024

Elementary Teaching Strategies

This article features information about eight elementary teaching strategies to teach about climate change....

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Teaching Climate

This guide is designed to help middle and high school science teachers incorporate climate topics into their classrooms. K...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Controversy in the Classroom: Strategies for Managing Climate Change Discourse

This article provides techniques for educators to address cl...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Climate Change Crash Course

The interactive and engaging online course summarizes climate change into three easy-to-read chapters. It cover...

Format: Online: Asynchronous