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New Jersey Climate Change
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The resources you and your school need to effectively teach climate change.

These comprehensive resources are built around the official NJ Student Learning Standards and expand on the work of the New Jersey Department of Education.

Teaching Resources

Search our database by keywords, resource type, grade level, subject, NJ Student Learning Standards, and more. All resources have been reviewed by a scientist and teacher team.

Oregon Department of Energy

OCCRI’s Sixth Climate Assessment Outlines Climate Change Effects on Oregon

This summary briefly describes the findings of the Oregon Climate Change Research In...

Added: 03/27/23


Earth Day Activities (6-8)

These Earth Day resources provide writing prompts that stimulate social and emotional connections to nature, vocabulary cards with i...

Added: 03/07/23


Earth Day Activities (9-12)

This group of Earth Day resources provides writing prompts that stimulate social and emotional connections to nature, vocabulary ca...

Added: 03/07/23


Earth Day Activities (3-5)

This group of Earth Day resources for students in grades three to five includes a word wall activity, art activities, writing prompt...

Added: 03/07/23


Earth Day Activities (K-2)

These fun Earth Day resources include a language arts word wall, writing worksheets, coloring and art activities, and math and langu...

Added: 03/07/23


Is This the Real Reason Weather is Getting Wilder?

This interesting video discusses what the jet stream is, how climate change affects the jet stream, future p...

Added: 03/21/23

Scientific American

Exxon Knew About Climate Change Almost 40 Years Ago

This article from Scientific American explains the extent of Exxon's knowledge about carbon emissions and c...

Added: 03/21/23

Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

The Fish Game

In this game, students will learn how fishing practices and the number of fishing boats in an area can affect fish populations.

Added: 03/01/23

The Nature Conservancy

How Does Nature Improve Your Health?

This short, animated video describes the many reasons why taking care of our planet is one of the best things we can do to...

Added: 02/17/23

Rutgers University

Climate Dashboard

This interactive resource allows students to explore graphs and maps of New Jersey's historical and projected weather conditions, from 2000 t...

Added: 03/09/23

Professional Learning

Find the right professional learning opportunity for you or your school, whether it is support for curriculum development or foundational knowledge about climate change.

Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Climate Change Essentials

This six-week professional development program is a comprehensive online course supplying teachers with...

Format: Online: Asynchronous, Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: March 20 - April 28; June 5 - July 14
Center for Sustainable Futures at Teachers College, Columbia University

Youth Sustainability Education in International Energy and Agriculture Development Projects

In this webinar, Assistant Professor of Sustain...

Format: Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: March 29, 9:00am EST
Green Schoolyards America

Community of Practice for Schoolyard Forests

This is an open monthly discussion forum for school districts, county offices of education, an...

Format: Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: March 21, April 18, May 16 at 11:00am PST
Green Ninja

Implementing New Jersey's Climate Change Education Initiative

Green Ninja is offering specialized teacher training to prepare all New Jerse...

Format: In Person, Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: November 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023
Shelburne Farms

ABCs of Farm-Based Education

In this three-day workshop, farmers, farm-based educators, and non-formal educators will gather tips for creat...

Format: In Person
Date(s) Offered: March 31 - April 2, 2023; October 22-24 2023

Toolbox for Teaching Climate and Energy

This website features many resources to equip teachers to teach about climate and energy. The site...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Create Your Own Climate and Energy Units

This step-by-step guide provides a framework for utilizing CLEAN resources to develop NGSS-aligned...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
American Museum of Natural History

Climate Change and New Jersey

This four-part, self-paced, interactive course provides information about the climate system and climate chan...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Elementary Teaching Strategies

This article features information about eight elementary teaching strategies to teach about climate change....

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Climate Mental Health

This guide on climate mental health features many different resources to help teachers navigate teaching about climat...

Format: Online: Asynchronous